Score of the Week! (And the Week Before That…) (#2)

Ugh, such terrible news reports lately…  I have been especially affected by them, crying too often on their behalf, because my own boy will be six years old in less than 10 days.  I can relate all to much to the light a little, bright soul can bring to your life.  It is heartbreaking even *thinking* about losing him.  I feel so much pain for these parents.  I just want to avoid the reports as much as possible.  Forgive me for not speaking of it again, okay?  Lets talk about something fun before I begin weeping again….

So!  Score of the week!  Or more like “Scores of the Weeks” since I failed to post one last week.  (To be fair, it was my birthday week, and I did share my giftie scores with you….)  I’m making up for lost time by posting last week’s as well as this one’s, together.

Two great finds that look great together…

I got the cake plate first, two weeks ago.  It’s heavy and substantial, and the ribbed detailing– while not exclusively a vintage detail– does indicate to me that the cake stand could be older.  I love that, I always prefer ‘older.’  Its condition is fantastic, no nicks or dings anywhere, and its the kind of sturdy that you would never feel insecure putting a big, hefty cake on it.  When I brought it home and cleaned it up, I had yet to find my dish drainer, so I had it on the counter with other freshly-washed items piled around and on it.  My mother-in-law, Donna, saw it on the counter and commented  that it looked more ‘simple’ than I would usually choose.  I said something along the lines of it being only six bucks at the thrift shop, and since I didn’t before that possess another cake plate, I felt it was a worthy buy.  She suddenly acted so appalled– “Did you just say that you don’t have ANY other cake plates?!  YOU?!”  Apparently she had expected me to be cake plate rich; since I *did* just order wallpaper with plated cupcakes on it, and I *do* bake fairly regularly, always making my child’s birthday cake and the like…  I suppose it would seen obvious that I would have one already, but I did not.  Yes, it was true!  My first cake plate!  I NEEDED one, right?!  This one is so lovely, and because it’s clear its decor-flexible!  It’ll look great in my pink and aqua kitchen, or my grey and yellow dining room, or even out on the patio table atop a fruit-bedecked vintage tablecloth.  Yes, so lovely….

So then when today I found this little Anchor Hocking jug WITH LID (!!!) and that same ribbing design, my heart skipped a beat!  Could that be a vintage pitcher, with a lid?  When I picked it up, and read that it was four dollars, my heart started to pound a little, and *then* I flipped it over and saw that anchor logo…  I don’t have to tell you that it went straight into the cart!  I got it home and washed it, but it was already squeaky-clean.  No ancient iced tea residue or old kool-aid rings or anything, it was all I could do not to decant some Minute Maid lemonade into and slice up a lemon garnish, it is such cuteness.  I figured its attractive enough to stand on its own, I don’t need to tart it up with some juice.  (Oh dear god, another pun… I swear I do not craft those with any sort of intention!)  Well, that and the fact that we’re days away from the solstice, and my daylight was running thin– rather get a good shot of both items rather than a great shot of one of them.

I already have a few other vintage items made of clear, pressed glass, so this– more than a collection– could be a healthy step into super-functional serving pieces for me.  I have been hodge-poding it all over the place, and even though I DO love that look, sometimes (when you do it with *everything*) it becomes a little much…  But how can you screw up clear, vintage ribbed glass?  It seems like I may be on to something….

Seafoam Green Glass Ball

Also as a holiday side-note, I’d like to show off a couple of my Christmas scores for today, both vintage ornaments.  Christmas decor is such a limited-use thing that it hardly seems right to use it for a thrifty score feature, but these are so special I need to show them off a little.  Glass balls like this are such a rarity to come by for me anymore, so for fifty cents each, I was almost *afraid* until they were officially hanging on the tree… like I was worried that the deal was too good to be true and I would jinx myself and them.  But, no, they made it home safely, and are gorgeous additions to my colorful tree.

I have *so* many Christmas ornaments, but for years, I focused on plastic only, since my kiddo was so small.  No need to accumulate ornies I couldn’t feasibly use, like Shiny Brites and Radkos… but now that we have this nice, big house, and a nice, big boy, we intend to get a second artificial tree so that we can have one in each the living room and den.  I’d  adore a novelty color in the living room, like turquoise or lime especially, and I envision it coated in glass balls and bead garlands.  Sort of classic but glitzy.  Downstairs in the den would be this white tree that you see here (I love), with the more kitschy plastic things and the homemade efforts, surrounded by tinsel.  The ‘fun’ tree, as it were.

Hence my excitement for these old glass balls, I feel like I can finally step up my game on collecting the pretty, delicate beauties.  This first one is a very pale, cool, green, in a frosted finish that is almost pearly. The design is hand-painted , in a very light black and white floral.  At the center of the black flower is a daub of silver glitter.  The ornament is quite large, and reeeeeally pretty!  It looks so great on our tree, its home!

Midnight Blue with Bottom Point

The second is more of a midnight blue color, and is smaller in size compared to the first.  (It is no means ‘tiny,’ more ‘medium.’  About 3 1/2 inches, top to tip.)  Like its companion, it was also fifty cents.  The color is very deep, but the ball itself is slightly transparent, where if you look hard enough, you can see through it in places.  I struggled to capture this with the camera, and then decided to just be happy that I had one that was in focus!  The ornie has a very unusual shape, with a delicate point at the bottom, instead of being a perfect orb.  I’m pretty sure this is the first I have like it in my collection!  I’m really happy with it.

I also scored some really cute long sleeve tops at half off, but I won’t bore you with my fashion selections…  I’m just glad to have my arms not be so *cold,* as I have yet to find all of my Winter clothes since the move.  It’s been a bit chilly!  Anyway, it was a fun day thrifting this week, and I’m glad I got some cool stuff I could share with you.





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