Score of the Week! (# 1)

Orange Mod Mug

Eeek!  I was so excited to find this stackable mod mug….   I’d actually been hunting them on the internet and coveting the bejeezus out of the whole concept of them, accumulating a little visual ‘collection’ in a pinterest set.  (If you wanna see that set, hereyago, just scroll to the bottom to find most of the mugs–  I’d been thinking about trying to accumulate a few, but I hadn’t seen any prices that felt convincing yet.  Last week while on the hunt for (you guessed it) wallpaper I was in one of the usual lineup of thrift shops and at the very last moment decided to skim the glassware.  Can you believe this was only a DIME?!  If you ask me, that’s the universe’s way of saying I need to start collecting something!

This one is in great condition.  The enamel is still bright, the design is poppy (literally!), and the colors are a great match for the master bedroom scheme.   And I love how the handle, while I’m sure designed to be more comfy for the hand, still conjures a heart visually.  It makes it so much sweeter.   Because I don’t really need cups for the sake of drinking, I’m thinking I may drop a small succulent or something in here and make it part of my bedside brighteners….  Can you imagine NOT being happy when you wake up to this?!



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