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This is a really simple project, in the spirit of my campy-crafty hero, Miss Amy Sedaris.  I received her book Simple Times- Crafts For Poor People for Christmas from my husband, and it just made it to the bedside to be read in those spare moments.  I love her, and she likes me, if I’m taking her cookbook at face value.  And I am.

Amy's Crafty Book and My Bookmark

Amy’s Crafty Book and My Bookmark

If you’re not familiar with Miss Amy’s work, then get your act together.  She is truly hilarious and utterly adorable, making her a hooty-cutie-patootie.  She is an actress (most known for her role as Jerri Blank on Strangers With Candy), but she also has a cupcake business and writes these amazingly funny and still helpful how-to books.  Her over-the-top wackadoodle taste is completely amusing and inspirational at the same time.

Gather Your Supplies

Gather Your Supplies

Anyway, in the spirit of “Crafts for Poor People,” I offer for you the easiest and cheapest tutorial ever.  Just in case you’ve stumbled over here for your first time ever, our household has recently moved into a big, awesome, new place and I am excitedly decorating it.  Up until very recently I was a paint slut, I would use whatever brand that was cheap and close enough to the color I needed, but after having several messes and WAY too many ‘extra’ coats, I decided to settle down and pick one *excellent* brand of paint.  I am pleased to announce that I am now engaged to Benjamin Moore (“Ben” to me), and I plan on using him in every room in this house!  Really– the Benjamin Moore color range is absolutely amazing and it coats like a dream.

I mention all of this because I have accumulated a LOT of paint chips over that time, way too many to know what to do with… I’ve already chosen most of the house’s colors, so with some of the excess I decided to get my bookmark on!  I’m going to drop them into some love packages I’m assembling right now for my internet pals.  (Okay *great affection packages”, I’m not trying to freak them out.)

To duplicate this project, you will need– paint chips from the same company in sets of two, scraps of scrapbook paper you like, scrap fabric ribbon (about a foot long, not the wired kind), a hole punch (a larger hole is easier), glue stick (the gooey wet ones, not the hot melts.  I love the scotch brand), scissors, newspaper or protected surface for gluing on, and if you have and want to use them– stickers and washi tape for easy embellishing.  One hundred percent of the materials for this project were items I already had on hand, some were even things others would count as trash.  But those tiny snippets of scrapbook paper and borders are perfect for this, especially if you don’t have access to washi tape.

  • Glue It

    Glue It

    ***  Match two paint chips that you will want to use back to back.  Trim any text that is in white blocks at the end of the strips.  This isn’t mandatory, you can always use scrap paper to cover anything you don’t want seen, but it’s easier now if you’re going to end up wanting them trimmed off anyway.  Using your glue stick on your designated surface, apply glue as quickly as possible to 100% of the backside of one of the chips, making sure to get the outside edges.  You’re moving quickly because this stuff dries fast.  Be sure to have a geriatric cat hover over the general area if you have one, fluffing in the occasional puff of floating fur to make it interesting.  Again, that’s not a have-to, but it sure seems like it around here.



  • Stick Back-to-Back

    Stick Back-to-Back

    *** Match them up *perfectly* at one end, and glue back-to-back and press to remove all bubbles.  You’ll note that I didn’t trim my white texty bars, but I wrapped a lot of my ends in paper, so it wasn’t an important step to me.  This is really pretty easy, right?  If you get a little gluey goo on your chip, you can (while its still moist) rub it off with clean fingertips, sort of like… well, I hate to say it, but sort of like a grade school booger.  Ew, right?  But you know what I mean, rub in small circles until the excess turns into balls you can pick off the surface with your fingertips or brush off.  If you wait until too long you’ll just have glue on your bookmark you’ll want to embellish over!



  • Embellish It

    Embellish It

    ***  If you have a weaker hole puncher, you will likely want to do your hole-making now and then re-punch again if you embellish over your hole, but mine is pretty hardcore so I just saved my punching ’til the end.  For the paper scraps, I used an extra paint chip to trim the chosen scrapbook papers to the correct width strips, and then folded it where I thought it looked attractive.  Glue the paper pieces the same way as you did the paint strips, covering the backside completely, joining the papers, and then pressing out bubbles.  I am not Heck-bent on eradicating all of the text or evidence of that its a paint chip, so I sort of like the way the waxy washi tape is opaque and shows the paint names.  That may be because I have a little fascination with paint names, but whatever.  I just think that’d be an awesome job, being the person that names nail polish colors or whatever.  How do I apply for that?  But anyway, you use paper and pretty tape until it looks nice and the way you want it to.

  • Punchy-Punchy


    ***  Using the hole punch of your choice, make a hole toward the end you feel is upright.  I used a big ol’ 3/4″ punch because I thought it looked modern, its easy to thread my ribbon through, and I can center it in an end color swatch and it doesn’t look awkward.  Cutting through two layers of card can be tough, so if you have trouble you can always pull the marker out, flip it over, and try from the other side.  Sometimes this helps ease it the rest of the way through.  (Sorry about the pictures of the Stacey Campfield mask in the background, but trust me, the REAL Stacey is a lot scarier than that newspaper mask!)

  • Add Your Ribbon

    Add Your Ribbon

    ***  Cut or find in your scrap bin a snippet of ribbon, rick-rack, cord, eyelash yarn, or something about a foot long.  Loop it in half, and then push the looped end through the hole.  (See, I told you it’d be easier with a larger punch!)  Take your two loose, flowing ends and push them through the loop, and pull snug.  Trim the ends of the ribbon at an angle or in little “V” shapes going either direction.  I used pincking shears, to make it faincy.  (That’s the way we say it in the South.)   And I swear I’m only in my late thirties, but this picture makes me look like I’m approaching my golden years.  Sheesh, all I can say I that I didn’t have a dishwasher during my bottle-washing Mommy phase.  And I need to get some better handcream.

  • The Finished Bookmark

    The Finished Bookmark

    ***   COMMENCE TO MARKING!  I mean, er, you’re done, whoo-hoo!  You can click on my thumbnail to see a larger image if you’re so inclined.  Incidentally, I cannot see that word on the bottom of that card without this song playing in my head, and that’s a good thing:  Seriously, love love it.  And with the ease that these little page-holders can be put together, you can probably listen to the song in just about the same amount of time it takes to whip one of these up!


Are you a Komeda fan all of a sudden?  They are AWESOME.


Four Examples

Four Examples

If you make some, let me see!  Its really easy to log in to comment via facebook or one of your other pre-existing accounts, and I’d love to see what you come up with.  I really love how completely freeform and easy they were to assemble, I could probably make a million of them given enough paint chips and time in front of the television!  I’ve already put mine to good use, marking my new crafty book!

Amy's Aerobics

Amy’s Aerobics




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