So Far Off Track, I Don’t Know Where The Rail Runs (With F’s Room Before Pics)

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time apologizing to you readers lately, and at the risk of sounding redundant, I will say I’m sorry about that.  Sometimes junk gets in the way of me having time to blog, and despite the fact that I know what those reasons are better than anybody, I always manage to feel guilty about my time away from writing….  I shouldn’t right?  It’s *my* blog, and I know that I only have my own expectations to keep up with…  And I should definitely forgive myself on weeks such as this– my kiddo is sick (again) and out of school;  I have extra housecleaning standards on myself this week since we will have out of town guests this weekend, and I want everything I clean to stay extra-nice as long as possible.  This means I’m attempting to scrub up everything in this big house extra well, and in the process I must tend to a– albeit excellent– youngin with a fever, and well, time for blogging is nil.  In fact, his Dad took him to the doctor yesterday and allowed me a teensy amount of time to clean to the blarings of Weezer, and did I clean a damn thing?  No, I did not.  I painted Fox’s bedroom– with the dining room paint.  ((Voices in my head, I’m officially telling you to shut up.  Work is work is work, and I’m allowed to prioritize however I choose, it’s one of the benefits of being control of my own time.))

Wall In Fox's Room, Left Of the Door

Wall In Fox’s Room, Left Of the Door

Yeah, I used the dining room paint… not the *smartest* plan ever, since the dining room is about 1/4 painted as of this moment, and if I wanted to paint some stuff, I should have just finished in there…. But, there are some good reasons to go ahead and get the color on the walls in Fox’s room– reasons good enough to push the painting of the room in front of the necessary cleaning for the weekend, even.

A looong while a go, I bought a super-cheap (and unfortunately, that’s the quality this time, too) bunk bed for Fox’s room, and I’ve had it in the greenhouse, getting painted for months.  Due to this frame’s craptastic texture– it was supposed to have been stained when we bought it, but it’s like raw 2x4s that have been dipped in rust-colored dye– it’s coarse and splintery and just sucking up my two coats of “Carrot Stick Orange,” much to my dismay.  This thing should have a nice, smooth coat of pale orange on it by now, but nay, it still feels like raw lumber somehow.  Raw lumber that has been mysteriously tinted pale orange.  (I am so mad at myself over that whole purchase.  I wish I had paid better attention to the delivered product, but by the time I opened it….)  Later today I plan on hitting it with a sander and calling it DONE.  I’m sick of it, and I’m sick of kiddo not having a bed up off of the floor.  The boho L-configuration of the twins is sucking up the floor’s playspace, and I’m done with it.  So this means, all those crappy parts are going to get moved up to his room and assembled into a corner (hopefully), making it extra hard for me to paint the walls in there later.  I felt some real pressure to get it painted in there and get it done… or at least done enough to move forward.

Low Quality Bed Frame Is Mortified!  (Fox's Bunk Frame, Before I Began Painting)

Low Quality Bed Frame Is Mortified! (Part Of Fox’s Bunk Bed, Before I Began Painting)

The “Pike’s Peak Gray” that I’d slated for the dining room is ever-so-slightly darker than the shade I had originally chosen for his room, but I *was* planning on painting it grey all along, and this specific color is FANTASTIC.  I’m sort of in love with it, it’s hands-down my favorite neutral of the moment.  Pike’s Peak is a very mid-range grey, not at all dark on the walls, with a little bit of blue or even purple to the undertone.  I’ve painted it in four places in this house already, and every time I step back and think, “Damn, that looks so good!”  It’s very fresh and modern, and my bright color choices seem to just spring off of it.

Corner Opposite Of the Doorway, Between the Two Windows)

Corner Opposite Of the Doorway, Between the Two Windows (Only Some Of That Is Shadow, the Rest Is Grime)

So, in a pinch, with no time or budget for buying more paint, I simply opted to sub in the can I already had on hand, and boy howdy, I’m glad I did.  If you haven’t been reading my home journaling posts from the get-go– and it’s totally forgiven if you haven’t– you’ll know that this house we live in was really frunkin’ gross when we moved in last November.  So, so, so dirty, and the walls were so bad that you could see the where the studs were, because more dirt was somehow clinging to those higher points of the drywall.  (I know that makes no sense, but I promise you that is absolutely true.)  Everywhere needed paint.  And what’s worse, this is a kid’s room, and it was before we moved in, so it is grosser than the average room… it’s had a lot of wear, and it was quite possibly the worst remaining space in the house.

And let me just say, I’m so glad that the paint I was slathering on was the Ben Moore Premium Eggshell, and I am thankful for two main reasons.  The first is that it is such a quality paint (and no, they don’t pay me~ yet) that you use less, you touch up less spaces, and boy howdy, less work means that it spares your body.  There used to be a time where I could paint a room in an afternoon, no big deal (okay, heck, I can still do that, it only took me four hours to do his whole room), but now there is a difference– I really feeeeeel it afterward.  I get sore, I hurt.  I still push myself to do a good job in a short amount of time, but now I know I will pay for doing it to myself.  With a good paint, it’s really great because I don’t have to work so hard.  That’s worth a few extra bucks for me right there.  (Truthfully, tonight it’s likely that I will break a vicodin in half and take a bubble bath, just to de-ache and relax, I’ve worked so much this week.)

Opposite Corner, From the Doorway

Opposite Corner, From the Doorway

The Closet

The Closet

The other reason I’m glad I used a high quality paint?  It’s embarrassing.  But I mention it to illustrate just how specifically grody his walls were, and just how nice this paint is.  I painted over– brace yourself– no less than seven boogers.  There may have been more, those are just the ones that I visually identified.  I ended up carrying a plastic putty knife in my back pocket, to give it a cursory scrape, and anything that didn’t make it off the wall got painted right over.  The paint covered them well!  I have no idea if those were the last kid’s snot wads or if they belonged to my son, but neither scenario is great– either my kid is wiping his boogs on the wall (ew, he should know better!), OR he’s been living for a year in a goober-filled room (ew, I could be the worst parent ever).  Like I said, either way, embarrassing, and horrible.  We be livin’ grime time, yo.  I am sooo glad I got it painted yesterday!  No more worries in that arena.  I do have some accent painting I’m going to do in there for decorative reasons, but as far as transforming those fracking walls, that is over and done.

So in the light of that– yay for great paint!  Thank you Ben, for eradicating disgusting boy goobs while simultaneously transforming my walls to gorgeous.  Sooo nice.  Love it!  Isn’t it amazing how transformative a coat of paint can be?  I find the process to be amazing, every time.  And absolutely worth the time and energy, my rewards are always far greater than the effort or expense….  And with that, I have GOT to get back to cleaning!



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