So, On To the Guest Room? Not Quite.

If you’ve been reading my blog along from the beginning (I know you haven’t just as well as you do, but let’s pretend, shall we?  It makes me feel special.), you’ll know that it was my intention to begin with the guest room for my decor process in this new house.  I had started, I have a few ideas and some great intentions in there, but I got stumped on the bedding/ fabric thing… I was sort of waiting for inspiration.  Then when my wallpaper practically peeled itself from the master bathroom walls, I skipped to that room.  It seemed easier.

So– logic would dictate that I go back to working on the guest room, right?  Hum, well, yeah, it would.  Its– its– its just that I haven’t found the right fabric yet!  I’ve found something else that is great and I plan on using, but its not quite enough.  No real, definite answer has forced its way forward for that room.

The Kiddo Shows It Off

The Kiddo Shows It Off

In the meantime, I have managed to come up with a project that is even smaller than the last one….  Its not really a room at all, even, its, er, a closet.  Is that cheating?  Yeah, I know, I’m nertz.

The Door Closed

The Door Closed

The thing is, this closet is already kinda in use…  it is the source of much fascination.  This is the *good* kind of fascination, the kind of fascination that makes my kid smarter, and keeps him entertained for hours….  Its imagination-fascination.  Say that ten times fast.

One of the things that so great about this new home of ours is that it is fairly huge.  I have a LOT of stuff, and yet, this place has ample storage, what with its two car garage (with no cars parked in it) and its roomy greenhouse (with no plants sprouting).  As of right now, I’m fairly set in the storage department.  I have to sort it all out, get it more accessible and out of the greenhouse, but overall, its plenty.  The point is, I don’t *need* this closet.

Its shape is unusual.  As you can tell from the images, it is tucked under the stairwell in our split-foyer, so it has that super-depth at the very bottom back, but then up toward the top, there is a veeeery skinny shelf that would not hold the average board game box, not by half.  Immediately the kiddo is drawn to it, but the shelf is too low to really allow him to play underneath, and above does not seem strong enough to actually hold him during growth spurts and vigorous play.

And the location is interesting.  Not only is it a few steps down from the entrance, but the doorway to the greenhouse is directly behind it, across the den.  The entrance to what is– okay, more like what will be– the playroom is right there to the left, so its central to the fun zones.  And it has that little shorty wall there, so the door can be open and not really out into the room and in the way of the thoroughfare.  Nice.

Yeah, I’m gonna hafta do something with that!

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