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I’ve noticed a strange thing about blogging– the longer I go without posting, the harder it becomes to resume writing.  Sorry and junk, you know it.


Snow Day Last Week

Snow Day Last Week

On Valentine’s day this year, kiddo was on his third snow day out of school for the week, and he was pretty disappointed to be missing out on the expected school party.  It’s a conflict I tell ya– the joy of a snow day (while there is little to no snow, due to heavy meltage) combined with it’s happening on a planned classroom celebration day– a boy doesn’t know how to feel about all of that!

The Tooth Fairy Pillow I Made For Him

The Tooth Fairy Pillow I Made For Him

This perplexing holiday was turned around with the loss of a bottom-row baby tooth.  It was not his first tooth loss, but nonetheless he was very very excited.  The first tooth that came out he swallowed accidentally, and he left the fairy a note and she visited anyway.   The second tooth was lost while visiting his grandparents, so he didn’t have his tooth fairy pillow– and of course that caused much anxiety.  (Fortunately, that worked out in his favor as well.)  Anyway, as they say, the third time was indeed the charm, and he was finally found to be 100% tooth-fairy compliant.  All systems were go, and all that.  He carefully placed the tiny tooth in the previously-unused pocket made just for it on his tooth fairy pillow, tucked it in the top bunk in between the fluffy stack intended for his sleepy head and his alarm clock, and got ready to go out to dinner with is parents and grandma.

We went to a big, special, painful dinner out– where we waited a literal forty-five minutes for our appetizer— and despite his hunger he was well behaved and beyond the best child one could expect.  I don’t know if he had entertained thoughts that the tooth fairy and Santa were in cahoots– like his behavior at all depicted the cash payout part of the evening– but he was angelic.  (AND we had no electronic device for games with us, so he had to be present in the events of the night, just like a regular person.)  I’m bragging, but he deserves it, he was a good boy.

Except, ahem, the tooth fairy forgot.

By the time we got home it was already well past his bedtime, and his usual routine was extremely rushed, and I tell ya– I just plumb forgot about that dern tooth.  Bad, bad tooth fairy.  Ugh.  When he woke up that following morning, his disappointment was palpable.  I don’t blame the guy, either.  What do you say in times like that?  How do you make excuses for a stupid tooth fairy?!  I went with the weak suggestion that since it was during the winter olympics, maybe she had been called away on an extreme hockey tooth-knocking emergency in Sochi.  It was the best I could do at a moment’s notice, but he looked crushed.

Determined to make it up to him, I scrounged around for some ways to make a fiver look more special.  I took the bill out into the backyard and shot it front and back with a mist of glitter hairspray I had stashed in the laundry room after Halloween.  I KNEW that would come in handy!  You can’t see the sparkle very well in the pic (as photos had to be taken in a super-covert manner), but it covered the bill in a nice, even layer of silver twinklies.  I will just be reserving that container of hairspray into my tooth fairy stash, thank you very much!  I also made a tiny envelope out of orange dotty paper– as orange is his favorite color– and an official-looking ‘card’ from a label sticker (stuck to the same dotted paper and trimmed out), and proceeded to pen him the tiniest excuse letter I could manage.  I explained that the tooth fairy had spent the evening on an an extremely long date for dinner (after all it *was* the truth!), and her schedule had become all kinds of out of whack as a result.  I apologized profusely.

The Tooth Fairy's Offerings

The Tooth Fairy’s Offerings

Sunday morning we awoke to squeals of “She came!  She came!  The tooth fairy visited me!”  Sparkly fivespots were brought into the master bedroom and shown to every sleep-addled human and animal heaped upon our queen.  (Glitter or no glitter, Rusty the cat was completely unimpressed.)

Finally satisfied that all was as it should be, I made a bowl of cereal for the $5 richer toothless wonder, gifted him with some DVR’d celebratory cartoons, and this fairy went back to bed….


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