Bathroom From the Doorway, After

Charming Chartreusey Restroom

About a year ago, I was given the opportunity to have the job I always wanted– a sort of everygirl’s style guide– by my friend Tracey.  Tracey had just inherited some furniture for her little girl’s room (which I DO hope to show you very soon), and she couldn’t figure out how to make it […]

The Collection

The Downstairs Bath Is DONE(ish)!

Soooo, I promised myself that I would show you guys the downstairs bathroom after I got “five more plastic wall hangings,” and I got six.  That means it’s time to finally do as I say, and sally forth with those promised pictures!  (Remember, if you’d like to see any of the photos up close, click […]

Bath Clock with New Shower Curtain

The Downstairs Bath, Its Parts And Pretties

I will admit that I am a girl prone to using a theme in my decor schemes.  Often it is a concept that revolves around a desire to evoke a time, or a place– or in the case of my “1950s French hotel” guest room– both; sometimes it is based on a character or idea; […]

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So Funky, I Barely Want To Show You-- Downstairs Bath Before

Workin’ On the ‘Throoms (Downstairs Bath Before Pics)

Yeah, I’ve been working on the ‘throoms.  No, that is not slang for psychedelic mushrooms, don’t be silly.  I used to work with a guy that referred to the bathroom as the “throom.”  As in, “I’m headin’ to the ‘throom for a few.”  He made it sound cute.  I dunno, it’s just one of those […]

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Remember This Shot From A Couple Of Weeks Ago?


I’ve decided that that’s my new renovatin’ name, since I’ve been goin’ absolutely crazypants on my house’s ugly, disgusting old wallpaper. Tuesday is my day for scrubbing the bathrooms, and I was well on my way to done, I had already completely finished the master bath, and I had done all of the important parts […]

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Agent P, Ready To Kill Evil Germs!

Fun & Frugal Foaming Hand Soap

This *barely* counts as a tutorial, since it is sooo easy you’ve pretty much got it from glancing at the pics, but I get enough comments on these countertop dwellers that I thought I’d show ’em to you, especially since I’m in the process of re-doing one of them to be more thematically appropriate for […]

In Front of the Shower (On the Ceiling)

I Mastered the Bathroom!

  LOVE IT.  (Remember that you can click on any of my pics and see them in full size.)  I’m finally done with one room!  Our new home has three baths, so for the very first decorating project of the house, I chose the very smallest bathroom to tackle.  It is a tiny, tiny little […]

The Wall-Mount Sink, Before

I’m Almost Done With Room One! (Master Bath “Before” Pictures)

I’m almost done with room one!  Chant it with me!  I’m almost done with room one!  My master bathroom is so close to completion, that I wanted to let you all know that you could expect a reveal this weekend.  I still need to do some touch-ups  on my paint, cleaning, and styling but I’m […]

Finished Towel Rolls

Tie-able Towel Roll-Up Tutorial

Tie-able Towel Roll-Up Tutorial.  That’s kind of a mouthful, isn’t it? I’ve been working on decorating the first space in our new house, and I’ve started small– our master bathroom.  It is tiny tiny tiny and tiled in minty green gloriousness.  I managed to find some fabric with a stylized lotus design that ties in […]

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Vintage Plastic Butterflies

Score of the Week! (#4)

Yay!  This is an unconventional “Score of the Week” post for me, and in the best way possible.  Between the strange weather that we’ve been having, and the memorial (involving 6 hours in the car) that I went to this week, I have not had any chance to go thrift shopping.  I thought there would […]