Pinwheel Bouquet

One Hundred Day Challenge

I haven’t been around lately, and as always, I’m really sorry about that.  I feel terrible whenever I’m not posting regularly here, and for a myriad of reasons.  So it definitely needs to be something I work on, blogging needs to be an action I do, and do regularly. So in that spirit, I am […]

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Bath Clock with New Shower Curtain

The Downstairs Bath, Its Parts And Pretties

I will admit that I am a girl prone to using a theme in my decor schemes.  Often it is a concept that revolves around a desire to evoke a time, or a place– or in the case of my “1950s French hotel” guest room– both; sometimes it is based on a character or idea; […]

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Lemony!  Vintage Kitchen Goodness In Yellow

August Color Of the Month– Bright Summer Yellow

(Here is where I make promises to get September’s slate grey up before October!  I promise I’m gonna try!) She wore an-itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini…. Is there any other season you think of more than Summer when you think of yellow?  Maybe it’s the hot, bright, sun; maybe it’s cold  lemon icebox pie and fun lemonade stands, but […]

Me, Happy You're Here


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey guys!  I just signed up so that you can easily follow me and get updates on posts with bloglovin’!  Nice! And you can always follow Love Nest Design on facebook and I’ll update you over there: Either way you choose to do it, thanks for it, and thanks […]

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The Trifecta Of Sugars

Cat Rackin’

Do you have any pets?  We have beaucoup des animaux.  Five, right now, although technically Tallulah is my sister’s cat… but we love her like she’s ours.  I’m not complaining, I’m not (although I COULD), I only bring it up to mention that having a dog and four cats in one household is kinda tricky.  […]

Mint Green Stuff

July Color Of the Month– Cool Mint

(So sorry that I am terribly behind, I know that July is over!) Welcome to my regular post on color trends!  This is our second installment– cool mint.  Alongside of these color posts here on the blog, I also have a corresponding board on pinterest, for you to see more examples of the shade in […]

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My Beloved Kitty (With Crocus Petal Purple Bedroom In The Background)

New Guest Series! *What’s On Your Side Of The Bed?*

I’ve been working on styling that room I won’t mention, and in doing so, I have been tweaking all of the little accents that typically go on a bedside table.  When thinking of my guests and what they may need, I realized that I needed to keep be broad for a wide range of visitors– […]

My Side Of the Bed

What To Doooooo?

Well, I’m almost ready to talk about that room that I said I wouldn’t mention until its reveal (hopefully coming this weekend), but I don’t know what to do after that… I’m in a bit of a quandary.  I cannot seem to decide what room to work on next! I tried thinking of it in […]

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Coral Colored

June Color Of the Month– Coral

I almost called it “Coordinating Coral,” because when paired with tomatoey reds, apricots, and peaches, it all looks warm, happy, and comforting together.  It’s one hot and tangy color for Summertime, that’s for sure! Welcome to a segment that will be, ahem, monthly– hence the title– just trying to highlight some color trends headed our […]

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Art On the Green Wall

Fixing Up the Foyer

In my last post, I talked about how I finally gave up and started working on rooms that I won’t truly be redoing for a while.  I also decided in the spirit of this forward action, to do as much as I could for the foyer, and ASAP. The main issue with the foyer is […]