Bathroom From the Doorway, After

Charming Chartreusey Restroom

About a year ago, I was given the opportunity to have the job I always wanted– a sort of everygirl’s style guide– by my friend Tracey.  Tracey had just inherited some furniture for her little girl’s room (which I DO hope to show you very soon), and she couldn’t figure out how to make it […]

With the Velcroed Panel

Closet Changover, Part Deux

I’ve been feelin’ like R. Kelly this weekend, I’ve been so trapped in the closet.  I’ve been dying to get Fox’s little space done and out of the way ASAP, as I finally have some direction to head in my guest room.  I’m wanting to jump on it, knock it out of the park, and […]

In Front of the Shower (On the Ceiling)

I Mastered the Bathroom!

  LOVE IT.  (Remember that you can click on any of my pics and see them in full size.)  I’m finally done with one room!  Our new home has three baths, so for the very first decorating project of the house, I chose the very smallest bathroom to tackle.  It is a tiny, tiny little […]

My New Kitchen Wallpaper

My New Wallpaper Is Here! My New Wallpaper Is Here!

To paraphrase Navin R. Johnson, “Its this kind of spontaneous publicity–  your walls in print– that MAKES people!”  Or the room, or something.  Anyway, I talked the husband into buying me the fancy-schmancy real-money wallpaper for our kitchen, the one that makes my heart sing.  I adore it so much that I could not stop […]