The Inglorious Basterd

What the Heart Wants

Sooooo.  In my last post ( ), I mentioned what a rare and unique combination sexual attraction and mental/ romantic interest is for me.  I was pondering that specific bit even more today, and it occurred to me that it’s so really really rare that it has only happened a handful of times in […]

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Mini Chalkboard In My Room

I Am Amidst An Affection Affliction

Say THAT ten times fast. I’m afraid I may have fallen in love. I know, I know, I’m awful because I’m about to complain about something that is essentially wonderful.  I mean– I get it, I do.  I understand that all of the emotions that are wound up in love are a blessing; the experience […]

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I Heart You.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Part 1

When I was a girl, my parents originally did what parents were “supposed to do” for Valentine’s Day, they would get dressed up, hire a baby sitter, and go out to the kind of restaurant where they would never show up with the kiddos.  I’m sure that was all well and fine, but one year, […]

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