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There is a lot going on in my life right now, it seems like absolutely everything is in transition.  I’m trying so very hard to embrace all of the change and enjoy the ride.  But then I realize– what are my other options?

My world’s to-do list is frighteningly long, and at the very, very bottom is this blog.  Sorry about that!  It’s not personal, I swear, it’s more like exhaustion.  No energy for it at the end of the day, sadly.

The truth is, I love the blog, and I like the process blogging.  It gives my life a sort of order, as I tend to document a lot more artistic processes with the intention of sharing.  It’s a fun outlet for me, and it’s not really about you.  Sorry– hate to break it to you!  I still love you though, and I appreciate every single visit, so don’t misinterpret that.  No, what I mean is that talking about things helps me…  I need to talk ideas and issues through to understand them and myself.  And I learned years ago that my (soon-to-be ex) husband only has so much patience for my prattling, especially when it comes to what he feels are my bizarre hobbies and artistic ventures.  (It’s okay, I am equally impatient with practicing magic tricks, and all talk of Dungeons and Dragons.)  Point is– this really is a blog in the original sense, it’s a web log, a diary.  Sorry that you guys sometimes get punished with my absence when my life gets hectic, but I must remind myself that coming back to this task helps me, because it does.  I’m going to try a little harder.

With all of my life rushing toward imminent change, I recently I’ve been finding myself wondering if I’ll have the chance to show you the improvements I’ve actually made on this house before I move away from it.  I hope so.  There is so much you haven’t gotten to see.  But– my time here is certainly limited.  This is the truth.

I always intended to cover each of the rooms once I was completely done with it, so that I could present all the parts as finished bits, and I see now– that was a mistake.  If I’d kept you abreast of all progress, you would be up-to-date on where the house was, and you’d at least forgive me for not having every room perfect.  Now I may not have time to catch you up and show you what I’ve actually gotten done.

My next place will be considerably different.  Smaller, for sure.  Hopefully I will still love it, and still will want to talk about it, and you will find me here rambling on about the most recent oddball craft project I’ve created out of washi tape and mod podge.  My logic is, it may be smaller, but I’m still the same person, and I will still want it to look cute.  I just might not have as much to work with as I do now.  We’ll see.  But I can say that I’ll try and share more of the process, even if it’s transitional and not the prettiest.

Before I move, I’ll have to sell off a large portion of my stuff, as it’s time to do so, and I need the money.  Some of it will be ebayed; some will likely make its way back in my etsy shop or in a booth in a local antiques mall; and the rest of it will be straight-liquidated in my front yard.  Before that can happen though, I need to go through every bit of it and decide if it stays with me, goes to Pan’s new place, or needs to go.  That is a lot of work, all by itself.

Embrace the PINK!

Embrace the PINK!

I've Got To Stop Resembling My Dad So Much, It's Freaking Scary!

I’ve Got To Stop Resembling My Dad So Much, It’s Freaking Scary!

Part of my decisions involve where my ‘look’ is heading, what is going on with my personal style (I gave myself a mega haircut– I lopped of 16 inches!), and the upcoming needs and wants for my home.  I can have pink back in my life, which is sort of a plus, but I hesitate to use large amounts of it again…  after all, I will still be living with a young man, even if he doesn’t really get a say in the decor.  But some pink is exciting to me, it’s an invigorating color in my opinion.  It is fun, and I should be able to get away with it in smaller amounts, living with a boy or no.

I’ve always been loyal to the 1950s and 60s, I love mid-century modern, and vintage kitsch especially.  This is a true, real, big chunk of my taste, and has been since it started to develop as a preteen.  I doubt it’s going anywhere.  But there is a certain push for modernity, and for quirk, and bright color, and hip patterns, and well– all of that takes some deft mixing.  I’m not really sure how it’s all coming together yet, and I definitely don’t think there is a name for describing it all in some clearcut, neat and clean manner.  I’m not shabby chic, or strict MCM, or anything set and defined like that, which makes it even harder to attract you readers that are of a like mind.  There isn’t really a way to call out to you as my peoples.  I just have to be patient and hope that there are other eccentric nerd-girls (or boys, I do not discriminate!) with retro sensibilities out there that find me and relate to what I’m doing.  That’s you, right?

So anyway.  I guess my point is that I want to blog, I have things I can talk about, and I’m sorry that it hasn’t been happening.  I will try harder.

In the meantime, I keep pushing forward, hoping it will all come together soon.


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