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Behind My Sewing Machine

Behind My Sewing Machine

This is just a little heads-up to you all, in case you’ve wondered why I’ve been low on the posts the last few weeks, and if you were hoping for a progress report in the guest room.

Within the last few weeks we’ve discovered (as the ultrasound tech said) that I am “chock full of gallstones.”  This means in the next few weeks I’m going in for surgery to get the thing removed, but it also explains why I’ve been feeling so poor for a while now.  I like having a non-life threatening answer for explaining all that pain, but nobody looks forward to surgery.  (Well, maybe those wanna-be Barbie types do, but you followed me, right?)  It will be nice to have some relief and not to have to fret over every little thing I consume.

I’m expecting out-of-town family in the week following my surgery, so I really really want to make this place as clean and nice as possible BEFOREHAND, as well as definitely finishing the guest room.  And weeding the front flower beds and getting some blooms into them.  (I have no idea how I am going to *maintain* this clean while down for the count, I assume I will be doing lots of yelling from the bed.)  This is a lot to be working on, especially when you still don’t feel well.  I’m doing it though…  My bathrooms are currently so clean that I passed out on the floor of one of them, I would not freak out when I woke up and discovered where I was, so there’s that…  free to pass out in the bathroom if the situation comes down to it.

Annnnyway… the hope is that after the guest room has been finished and photographed, I will have plenty of laying in bed time to catch up with you here, and boy howdy, do I have a lot to say!  I have the second installment on my thrifty advice in my next “score of the week!” post, and I have the before pictures as well as the big guest room reveal, as well as a tutorial or two….  Bear with me!

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