Tiny Tip– Cleaning Carpeted Stairs

Cosmo Models the Clean Stairs

Cosmo Models the Clean Stairs

The Bottom Steps

The Bottom Steps, With Brush And Junk

Holy wow, ya’ll, I hate-hate carpeted stairs!  Like, the language I feel tempted to use when describing how much I loathe them is inappropriate for this public forum, it is that level of hatred.  I don’t think they should exist.  I don’t find them to be visually appealing, and the cleaning.  THE CLEANING!

When we moved into this place, we were pushing the limits of stupidity with five pets.  Now we’re down to three animals, which still doesn’t put us in the ‘clever’ category, but hey, cleaning up after that is better than it was.  But because of this five-danders and my long hair situation, vacuuming everywhere, and regularly, was and continues to be a real necessity.  The stairs are no exception.  And it’s not like you can just push that happy, heavy appliance over it like you can everywhere else, no– vacuuming stairs requires hoses, and getting all of the crevasses, and doing the fronts of the steps, and balancing that noisy behemoth on a tread close to you….  and in my case, stopping at the half in order to switch the plugged-in outlet from upstairs to downstairs, or vice-versa.  Just that little joggy-poo in between as if you weren’t sweaty and dirty and inconvenienced enough.  Not fun, ever.

Well, this isn’t going to make the job *fun* (hey, I didn’t promise you a great time!), but it helps to expedite the whole experience for me, and that’s valuable.  Part of my problem with the actual hose-to-step vac’ing is that I’m dealing with a little two-inch long slit on then end of my hose, and I have to cover what feels like a cojillion feet of stairs, and on my hands and knees, no less.  I want to be able to go over the carpet at least twice in other areas of my home, but on the stairwells that is impossible.  On top of that, I am always positive I have missed major areas on the *first* swipe with the treads.  It is just such a small dust-entrance-port and I am only SO diligent!  I needed some sort of reassurance that I was at least getting the bulk of the ick.  I needed to make the job just a little bit easier.

The cleaning aisle of my local grocery store has an area with $1 products, lots of sponges and gloves and goodies of that ilk.  There I found a hand-sized, firm bristle, scrub brush which I have dedicated to this entire purpose.  I start at the top step, and with the dry brush, I essentially “sweep” them, all over, making a ball of the quickly-accumulating fur and hair, and pushing debris to the step below.  Because of the stiff bristles and larger surface area, it goes a LOT faster than trying to pick up everything with my hose attachment.  If you are prone to allergies, I suggest you wear a dust mask, you will be *amazed* at the amount of junk you’ll move!  Once I get to the very bottom, I pick up all the chunks that my machine isn’t going to get and a mammoth furball, and throw them away.  Then I finally vacuum, feeling like I’m really truly cleaning the stairs.  And that’s what I want, right?  Clean stairs?  It may not be less effort, but I get genuine results….

Coz Models the Now-Clean Steps

Coz Models the Now-Clean Steps


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