Wallpaper Insecurities, Part 3

Now it is time for the bitching about the wallpaper in the kitchen…

Doorway At the Top Of the Stairs

It is a nasty peach color.  Its calico-ey cornflower blue pattern has faded except for behind the fridge.  It is outdated, and not in a fun retro way.  It is dirty.  It has *grease spots* on it.  (Ewwwwww!)  It MUST DIE.

I don’t really want to take it down, I’m thinking it will be fine with a scrubbing and a priming, and then being wallpapered over…  It’s not a HUGE amount of wall space, basically this corner where we see Pan, continuing on the wall to his left, around the corner, and on the open wall to the adjoining dining room.  My backsplash is tiled, so the space over the upper cabinets, this pantry/ closet area and behind the fridge is really all that needs dealing with on the other two walls.   My math whiz husband says that this peachy space totals 135 square feet of total wallpaper-requiring area.  At nine yards a double roll, I’d need at least 3 rolls.  Dang….  That seems like a lot.  Highly unlikely that I’ll be able to find seven rolls of identical and pleasing-to-me paper at a thrift shop.

The Kitchen Sink

I’ve already mentioned that I have haunted poor Shelia at Affordable Wallpaper.  I have had her pull her paper books out, and search for things that were pastel with simple patterns.  I would have even accepted something with a bright, cherry red.  I was looking for stripes, dots, gingham– something like that.   After having her pull some fairly cute options, I ask if I can photograph the three from her books I liked the very most to show my hsuband, Pan.  The thing is, as I am transferring the images from the camera to the laptop, intending to show him the options on the larger computer screen, I was struggling to remember what any of the three samples looked like.  None of them were exciting enough to even recall.  And then when I returned to the store and realized that they would be forty bucks per double roll, I decided that option was straight out.  No way I can possibly pay $160 on papers I’m so lukewarm about I can’t even be bothered to remember them.  And then wait for them to arrive.  So that leaves me with some real inner turmoil, no options to be found in the only local shop, no real possibility of having the thrift shops supply my answer.  I decide to go ahead and try the vast interwebs.  Ahh, a needle and a haystack, and all that.

Toward the Fridge

I tried epay first, but really, shopping for wallpaper on there is confusing.  You have people who are selling digital wallpaper for static computer screens, and people who are selling it by the yard instead of the roll (very tricky– do your reading!), and woman who is even listing fabric as a wallpaper option, so that would really suck if you misread and ordered the wrong stuff.  I ended up leaving more confused than when I’d started.  Its hard to figure out what’s expensive and what might be a good deal when you are having to add it all up like that….

Perusing online shops of ‘bargain wallpaper’ seems to be a bit of a no-go as well, there is a whole lot of blah 90’s beige going on out there.  It’s hard to whittle it down to the essence of what you really want…  In a lot of ways, the description of what I’d accept is pretty broad– pastel on a white base, basic geometrics please– but you can’t really put that in a search bar.  I guess that’s why shopping with Shelia over at Affordable Wallpaper is such a nice option really, the human element adds so much to the buying experience.  I can do that broad-but-specific thing I like so much….

The Kitchen, View 4

Anyway, at some point, fate intervened or something, thank God, because I stumbled upon a wallpaper that STILL has me atwitter.  Like, I saw this stuff and the clouds parted, a beam of light came down and shined on my laptop, and I heard the sounds of what I believe to be angels singing.  It is THAT kind of wallpaper.  It is so. freaking. gorgeous. that I’m wondering if I can talk my husband into spending a crazy $200 on it as a Birthday present to me.  It is so beautiful that IT ISN’T EVEN PRE-PASTED, AND I’M STILL CONSIDERING IT.  I don’t know what is UP with me and this paper.  Please, people, talk some sense into me.

My Newest Sweetie Additions

Oh, but first let me tell you about it.  Over the last few years, I have been collecting (primarily pottery) vintage and retro items that depict sweets– mostly ice cream, cupcakes, and gingerbread.  But really, anything sweets.  Shown to the left is my current/the place we are leaving’s perfect-blue kitchen wall color, with the two newest additions to the collection– an over-sized ice cream cone and a tiny cupcake.  (Again with the outsized things, I’m telling you, its a *thing* with me.)  The ice cream cone cookie jar is marked with a simple “Japan” and has lost all of its cherry’s cold-fired paint, two indicators to me it is *really* old, which of course, makes me love it more.

Anyway, back this wallpaper.  It originally popped up on my screen with a pink background, which something that would be a little hard for me to commit to.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pink, it is one of my all-time favorite colors, I even wear a pink coat in the Winter, but since I live with two males placing it anywhere prominent in the home seems almost unfair.  Yes, the kitchen is *my* domain and ultimately my say, but a pink wallpaper, unless found at an an amazing steal of a price, is really not something I want to do.  My plan for the new house is to paint the living room and entry/stairwell and hall– they are connected– one shade of grey, and then do the dining room (the white beyond the kitchen peach in view 4, above) another shade of grey on the same paint card.  So when I discovered that this paper had a variant with a grey background, I was over the moon excited.  I was “Squee”ing and “Totes Adorbes”ing and all kinds of embarrassing stuff all over my Pinterest board, I was so freaking excited.   Part of the charm of this paper is that I was able to imagine standing up against my sink, looking toward the corner in the kitchen with the most wallpapered space, and where the doors expose the rooms beyond it, having a feeling of cohesiveness and continuity.  It made my collection of sweet stuff suddenly *make sense* in the grander scheme of my home, and don’t we all strive for that?  Isn’t that one of the biggest scores on the game board of “Home Decor Land,” making your whole home seem cohesive and belonging to the same quirky family?  (That should be a real game, I am certain I could be a grand overlord of duvets or something.)

The wallpaper, in all of intimidating unpasted glory, is a mid-grey background with a trompe l’oeil effect of shelves.  The ‘shelves’ themselves are edged with white scalloped paper, and have candy store wares in a sort of retro-French sketched style on them… jars of colorful gumdrops, glasses of striped candy sticks, domed stands with dressy delish cupcakes.  I’m tellin’ ya’ll, its enough to give a girl like me palpitations.  It has enough of a vintage feel with is illustration style to really go with the age of house, and I think my collection will really be so highlighted beautifully against it.  Every time I pull it up to gaze upon its glory, it involuntarily starts a song in my head. “Who can take the sunrise?  Sprinkle it with dew?  Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two….”  I think maybe that’s what the angels were singing.  I really, really, need this wallpaper.




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