Wallpaper Insecurities, Part 2

So, where were we?  I was talking about wallpaper, and bathrooms.  Fun!

Okay, maybe not fun, its actually been kind of stressing me out.  Wallpaper isn’t at all readily available in Knoxville, and I am SO picky.  Yes, I know I’m picky.  And more and more, I’m discovering I’m cheap.  (Ugh– I don’t like that word, let’s go with “thrifty” instead.  It’s just that, “and more and more, I’m discovering I’m thrifty” has no ring-a-ding-ding.)  So I’ve decided to pursue finding acceptable wallpaper as a sort of thrifty girl craft challenge, I can do it.  Say the thrifty girl oath with me, “I must be diligent, I must be patient.  I must be willing to take a risk at a moment’s notice.  I must not wig out when I discover what I bought is not what I expected.  I must have faith.  I must carry color swatches in my purse at all times.”

Bathroom 3, View 1

I really believe that I can accomplish bath #2 with a roll of thrifted paper, when I find the right one.  And the wallpapered walls in bath #3 are of a similar situation, where the entry wall next to the sink is papered, and the wall with the sink, mirror and potty (like the pic) are also papered, but the back wall is painted, and the opposite side of the room is all tub.  Not really so much space to cover, so when I find the right roll I’ll be good.

Bathroom 3, View 2

In fact, I’d like your opinion…  I bought a roll the other day at the Habitat Re-Store that is a very pale pink stripe on white.  (One buck, score!)  The stripes are of medium thickness, alternating about an inch and a half of white with an inch and a half of pink.  I like it fine, I have plenty on the roll, but it isn’t thrilling by any stretch either, and the bathroom is starting at such a place of blah.  Less than six months ago, I spent real-store money on a shower curtain at Tarjay, and I’d really like to use it in one of the three baths in the house.  It is alternating wide (six inch or so) red and white stripes, but horizontal ones.  Bath 1 will require some outer-space themed somethin’ still undetermined; bath 2 has a shower door, making a curtain unnecessary; so logic dictates I need to find a way to use it in this third bath.  (Oh, Philosophy class, you rocked my socks.)  I love pink and red together, but I do NOT want vertical stripes on one wall and horizontal on the other.  That sounds *horrible.*   like a headache-inducing kind of peeing experience.  I guess what I’m wondering is this– would it be totally WRONG of me to hang that pink stripe paper horizontally?  It really could be sooo pretty. I guess my concern is that in this part of the room, the current paper is still okay, something I would paper over rather than take down, and that changing the ‘grain’ of the thing (or whatever– you know what I mean, right?) would make it weird, or lumpy, or hard to eventually take down.  Do weigh in on that one, I am still pondering.

Anyway, right now the back wall is painted a pale blue, but up close its all crackly, which means I will definitely want to paint it.  I vowed to the landlord no putting wallpaper in areas where it wasn’t already, so it must stay painted.  I could have a pink or red wall here, even white, something as a visual break from the stripes.  (As with before, please remember that these bathrooms are still dirty, and have not been cleaned since the last renters.  My ‘after’ pics should be *dazzling* this way.)

Laundry Room into Bathroom #3

So the laundry room is off of the tiny downstairs hallway, and the third bathroom lies beyond it, with no door.  (The laundry room has a door, just not between it and the bath, I mean.)  I have more than a few tension rods, I can easily add a curtain, I haven’t decided.  But the two rooms need to look cohesive together, on some level at least, if not identically papered.  The washer and dryer would go to the area in the left of picture 3, and to the right, behind the door is just a lone shelf– the same height as the one you can see– where I can hang fresh laundry as it comes out of the dryer.  Ya’ll, that is soooo nice!  I have a long skinny floor mat that I’d like to use in front of my old-fashioned washer and dryer, it is a fairly cheapo non-skid one I got at Big Lots, blues and greens with picket fences and little happy, fluffy sheep.  I am such a sucker for cheap and cute.  Er, I mean ‘thrifty and adorable.’  The rug would simply connect the hallway door with the door to the bath visually, and adds some color to a naturally dark space.

Laundry Room Corner

Annnnyway, the paper in this part of the room is terrible, peeling and icky-dirty in a few places.  Rather embarrassing, really.  I’m kinda wondering why I’m posting pictures for all to see.  (Science!  Or something.) The floor– I believe, I have not yet seen it without the grime– is black and white stick-on tile.  Not too bad.  I have some ideas on how I wish to organize this room, and I have some ideas on cute ways to decorate it a little (if people are going to be walking through it I cannot let it be terrible), and of course I want to work in pinks and reds and aquas and apple greens, but otherwise I’m open.  I mean, c’mon, that’s easy right?  Hence the wallpaper anxiety.  I keep hoping that either several rolls of some perfect thrift store thing comes my way, or at least I have some brilliant idea.  Or possibly both, that would be most optimal.  Please, oh, wallpaper gods!

I’m also thinking of skirting my washing machine… has anyone seen that anywhere?  I did some searches but I just couldn’t make google understand that I meant a skirt *for* the washer.  For the last 4 years or so, I’ve let Fox put stickers on mine, it was my parents’ “old” machine when they gave it to us, and I figured it would be dead before we replace it.  I’ve seen some really cute pins on Pinterest where smart bloggers have painted their machines bright colors, and we all know I have zero fear of paint usage, however I have no patience for scrubbing off four years of sticker goop.  That makes a lovely paint job somewhat out of the question, but a skirt– a velcroed-on skirt could cover a multitude of sins.  I was also thinking of getting some giant wallies-type stickers for the top, for covering over peeling Power Rangers and faded firetrucks.  I could *maybe* be bothered to scrub away a few peripheral nasty decals….

I am actually quite thrilled to have so many bathrooms to need ‘dealing with,’ the place we’re moving out of only had the one, and as you can imagine, that was a source of frequent annoyance with us.   My laundry area was also out in the wide-open of my kitchen, so I am really happy that it is off in its own designated area again, even if I do have to haul it up and down some stairs.  (Repeat to yourself, Amber, “Exercise is good for me.”)  This whole mess shouldn’t really be causing me anxiety, right?  Just wait until I tell you about the kitchen….


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