Wallpaper Insecurities

So.  Wallpaper.  Yeah.  It’s stressing me out, guys.  Like, a lot.  In this new rental place of ours, the kitchen and all three of the bathrooms are wallpapered, as well as the laundry room.  Well, the laundry is technically attached to one of the bathrooms, so this could be a separate situation or a together one, depending on me and what I want to happen in there.  And what I want to happen is for it not be gross, and I don’t want fixing the grossness to be expensive.  Okay, and I want it to be cute.  Quite the laundry list, eh?  (Okay, mental note, ‘Punny is not Funny.’)

Bathroom 1, Angle 1

Each room has its own set of issues.  Bathroom 1 (the upstairs hall bathroom) is large enough one could have dance lessons in there, it is really huge for a bath.  It has its moments of retro cool, the white tile is nice– though currently dirty– and the long counter with built-in vanity nook is neat.  But there are low moments too, the peachy peel-and-stick floor is so discolored that you can see where they were protected by bath mats and where feet wore them out.  Eventually I’d like to address that, but for the moment the best I can hope for is getting them clean and finding mats that cover those same areas where the last renter’s mats were.  Anyway, I’m getting off subject.  Wallpaper.   The old wallpaper has this sheen to it that reminds me of my childhood dentist’s office.  It’s almost… silvery.   Its base is pale grey, with huge peachy birds of paradise and seafoam foliage.  Pretty terrible looking, really, but  not in good shape either.  Very yellowed, and it is starting to peel at the seams.  Yucky.  I’ve already started peeling it off.  It MUST be re-wallpapered, this is not an option.

Bathroom 1, Angle 2

The *good news* here is that this room already has a solution.  Knoxville has ONE wallpaper store (Affordable Wallpaper on Clinton Highway) and I’ve already been in there twice.  It is operated by a very sweet and helpful woman named Shelia, and she is willing to order cute things for us general public if we don’t see what we want in stock.  I really want to find things in stock.  The first time I went in with Fox in tow, not sure what I would find, or if he would even let me think while I was finding it.  At the very back clearance section of the shop, we found some cute white paper with 1/2″ pale blue stars regularly spaced on it– double rolls for 7 bucks!

Now, allow me a sidebar for a moment here.  Paint is pretty cheap, and if you go to Wal-Box and get it, its reeeally cheap.  Options for wallpaper aren’t the same, it isn’t carried anywhere, and you can’t take two rolls of wallpaper with properties you like and mix them together and make a double roll of a really great paper.  (Well, maybe you could, if you trimmed out the stuff you didn’t like and striped the two on the wall, but not the same way that you….– just follow the analogy, okay?!)  You are pretty much limited by what you can find, and what you can afford.   The “afford” part is a biggie, because a double roll typically costs in the arena of a hundred bucks.  Ya’ll, that’s my monthly decor allowance.  For ONE roll.  I can wallpaper bath #3 (you’ll see it) with one roll.  That is all.   And unless I find it in stock, I will likely have to order and wait for it before I can put it up.  Ugh!  It just seems mean!  But the deal is, if I get the freedom to *choose* the wallpaper, I foot the bill for my taste.  It is only fair….

So anyway, seven bucks for a double roll is a GREAT deal.  I am insistent that the base for the paper be white, not cream, as the pictures show there is already a chosen road in there.  (And I would prefer white anyway, always have.)  My brain starts thinking, theme: the little blue stars are flexible, I could round up all of the remaining circusy stuff from his nursery and do a Barnum and Bailey Bathroom; OR find all of my kitschy patriotic stuff and do a sort of Americana thing….  What the heck is with me and having a theme?  It’s like I can’t function without some sort of overall motif.  So while I’m thinking about this, little dude is looking at the wallpaper borders.  I have to give Affordable Wallpaper props, she has a nice selection for such a small space.  She had about six space themed borders– and that kids loves space– he was over there checking them out, and giving them all the full evaluation.  I looked over them from over his shoulder and picked out one that I thought was especially charming.  I then asked him, “Which of these do you like the most?”  That boy is IS mine, he immediately chose the same one that I had– good kid!  If it hadn’t happened that way, I don’ t know if I would have snapped up the lot of it like I had.  So I got a couple of rolls of the cute star paper, and some cool blue border with robots and aliens on it, which I will be using sparingly.  I am not really a fan of the borders usually, but he is SO enamored.  I figured I’d find a way to use a little of it.  I actually got extra star paper.  Less than twenty bucks, and Bathroom 1 just needs the *application* of the paper (ugh, and that dreaded cleaning!) to be doneish.   And accessories, but you know.  Doneish.

Bathroom 2, Angle 1

Bathroom 2 will only require a smidgen of paper, and can wait a little while, maybe.  This is the master bathroom, and it is sooo tiny, it is a wee little postage stamp of a thing.  My husband actually implied that we might need to lose weight to use it comfortably.  (Isn’t he sweeet?  Actually he is, and… well, us dropping a few pounds isn’t a bad idea either, no matter how much I hate hearing it.)  Its just to tell you– its that tiny.  But, despite its tiny size, I am thrilled about living in a house with 3 baths (the old one had only one), and I especially LOVE the minty blue-green tile.  S’wonderful…  (Oh, about the pic, remember it’s still dirty.)

The wallpaper in there isn’t terrible, its not freaking gross like the other two, nor is it peeling.  It’s ‘bright and tight,’ as they would say.  Its just not pretty.  Its really dated, and not in a way that shows of the greatness of the tile.  Its also really dark blue, sort of casting its color on the tile and making its green diminish.  I would love to change it.  I keep thinking that I will score the perfect something at a thrift shop, but I haven’t yet.

Speaking of finding wallpaper at thrift shops, I have bought a couple of rolls, both white with pale pink.  I’m not sure what’s up with that yet.  They were cheap, they were new, it could be going some where.  Yeah, I *could* use one of them in this bath, but it’s Pan’s bathroom too.  And I’d rather it coordinate a little more with what I’m doing in the room.  I want pale purple.  Is that impossible?  For some reason I think it’d be nice with the tile.

Anyway, I want very much to continue talking with you about the stress about finding wallpaper and curing yucky rooms is causing me, but I am rather exhausted at this point.  I will have to leave it at “To Be Continued…” and hope that you do just that.



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