War Of the Drobe

(Ugh.  Ya’ll, I have tried to make this post twice, several days apart, and wordpress has mucked it up both times.  Let’s see if the third time is the charm?)

I cleaned out my closet last week.  I know what you’re thinking– if you read that last post, it’s likely something along of the lines of “Oh no, another oversharing-bummer post!”  Nope.  Just me, and the closet, and all of my wardrobey stuff, for reals.  No metaphor or nothing!

My Side Of the Closet-- It's Much Better Than It Was!

My Side Of the Closet– It’s Much Better Than It Was!

Baggage Of the Non-Emotional Variety

Baggage Of the Non-Emotional Variety

The year of 2014 has been a bit of a chaotic whirlwind, in so, so many ways.  So many changes made already and so many still on the horizon.  But it also seems that in the last six months, a lot of the wee little changes I’ve made in my daily self-care behaviors (eating better, getting some exercise) are really paying off, and I’ve dropped enough pounds that it’s affecting the fit of my clothes.  When my mother was visiting a few weeks ago, I had the unique experience of her telling me that every outfit I put on was “Too baggy.”  Which is kind of awesome, except that I don’t really have the time or money to go out and find an entire closet of new stuff, you know?  I’m in the spot where I need to figure out how to leave the house on a fairly regular basis, and not look like a crazy bag lady when I do.  I’m not really sure how I’m faring on that front, but I’m trying.  At least it’s a fun challenge.

So to figure out where I am in this whole process, I tried on pretty much everything I own.  Ya’ll, that is a LOT of clothes!  What was most amazing about it was that there are some thing I fit into.   A few of these items I had not worn in more than fifteen years.  In fact, the bulk of the things that fit are oooooold.

My Red Jacket

My Red Jacket

Now, I know you’re thinking “Uh, if it’s fifteen plus years old, isn’t it horribly out of style by now?”  Maybe, I could see that for most people, but I don’t really think so in this case.  For instance, a good half of this smaller-sized stock that I have held onto is actually vintage-vintage, like from the fifties through the seventies, so it’s not as if it getting older affects that at all.  It’s still vintage, and it’s still cool.  It just fits now.  (And there are a few more holdout pieces, adorable things that I’ve only worn once or never, that should fit me someday soon.  That’s exciting!)

Other items were contemporary to when I got them but in a timeless enough style that I don’t feel they’ve aged poorly.  I have this little red pea coat-style jacket that I love love love, and it will be wearable again this coming fall.  I am so very excited about it.  I wore this thing in college, so yes, it may sound dated, but it’s a retro style so it’s not like it looks like the mid-90’s-Seattle-grunge-thing or whatever.  And I think a few tiny things will update it and its similar pieces considerably.  The jacket has 10 quarter-sized buttons that look as if they are cut from abalone shell or some such, and I want to replace them with some that are black and white plastic, maybe?  Just to mod it up a little, but it won’t need much, it really is turbo-cute as it is.

I also found a coral cotton wrap skirt from the seventies that I adore, I am totally going to use it to make a paper pattern, and make about six more of them in different colors and bold prints.  I’d love to get some of them done before Summer is over, but I’m even thinking of doing one in denim or corduroy to give me a more Fall/ Winter option.  I especially like the idea of doing some copies of this particular skirt, because it fits me for a long range of sizes, and it seems like that may be a prudent course of action right now.  I would like to think the the weight loss is not stopping here.  (Hopefully.)

Where the Yellow Would Be

Where the Yellow Would Be

I also have some pieces that were bought in my absence– usually by my sister and mother– things that scream “AMBER!” for whatever reason (*usually that is black and white polka dots*), but have never fit me before.  It seems that they do now!  Most of them are fairly newish, but I have held onto them because they were so very cute, and so close to fitting that it seemed like a cruel taunt.  One of them is actually too big!  Whooo-hoo!

Also, I don’t have one item of yellow clothing.  That’s funny to me….

Anyway, I clearly have a ton of stitchery ahead of me, and the pile needs to be tackled now if it’s going to do me any good.  Yay for clothes that fit!

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