What To Doooooo?

Well, I’m almost ready to talk about that room that I said I wouldn’t mention until its reveal (hopefully coming this weekend), but I don’t know what to do after that… I’m in a bit of a quandary.  I cannot seem to decide what room to work on next!

I tried thinking of it in terms of priorities, and frankly, there are none.  Other than us to love it and feel it represents us and junk.  I mean, we *are* already living here, these rooms do function as rooms for us… we’re not losing sleep because Fox’s bunk bed hasn’t been fully painted, nor are we unable to eat because the kitchen wallpaper isn’t up.  There is nothing pushing me that says, “This MUST get done!” so I can’t proceed as if that’s the impetus… because there isn’t really any.

This Is Still What the LR Looks Like

Basically What the LR Looks Like

Visually speaking, the room that needs it the most is the living room– once the tables get moved back out of it from laddy’s UnBirthday party, it will be empty except from my badass boomerang coffee table.  That *should* in theory move it up on the list, being a room without furnishings and all, but the issue there is that I accumulate furniture slowly.  I need to LOVE what I buy because it stays in my home for a looooong time.  (Take, for instance, the iron bed in the guest room that *I* purchased 30 years ago.  I’m 38.  It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.)

I’m not going to be able to just go shopping and BAM! score the perfect mid-century modern teal couch in my price range just because I want to do it that month, that is a watch-and-wait situation.  Its sort of like fishing– sitting there with your hook in the water will merit you little if there are no applicable fish.  To continue the metaphor, I have to have my hook ready, know which fishin’ holes have prolific and desirable aquatic life, AND have the time to go, and sit, and wait for them to come to my bait.  Perfect furnishings are not something I can force.  For this reason, the living room will most likely come last, and I’m totally good with that.  (Don’t worry, we have a very comfy situation happening downstairs in the den, so it’s not like we’re standing around, attempting to comfortably watch The Venture Brothers.)

So then I think about the den…  it’s functional, it has the bulk of its keeper furniture, but I’m not really sure where I’m going with it yet.  I would like for it to be the most masculine room of the house– as it is currently referred to as “Pan’s Man Cave”– and I know we will be incorporating orange, as it is the caveman’s favorite decor color.  I definitely would like to acquire a swank retro bar for down there, and I have this tiiiiny inkling of an idea, but I’m kind of at a loss for where to start.

In the Den, As Of Now

In the Den, As Of Now

Pan and I both really love the art of Shag/ Josh Agle, and I am very very much inspired by his work.  I have adored his use of color and sleek, retro style since the very first moment I set my eyes upon it.  And I find it incredibly sad that we cannot realistically afford anything of his…  I don’t mean the originals (sheesh– what a dream!), I’m just talking about the prints.  They are extremely nicely done, and only sold through limited venues, and well, just impossible for us right now.  And I could probably be a really sucky person and just copy a favorite work of his by painting one out myself, but holy crap, somewhere between my artist hand’s, copier’s eyes, and conniving brain a wall is built that just won’t permit me to do that!  (It’s probably found somewhere nearby my hopeful heart.)

***A somewhat philosophical aside– I do a lot of thinking about what distinctions a person makes internally that allows them to finally refer to themselves as “an artist.”  This is a title that for many many years I did not allow into my description of myself.  Not just because I didn’t paint on canvases or sculpt with clay as one traditionally thinks they do, I just didn’t think I was worthy.  That word has a lot of import to me.  Its akin to calling yourself “doctor” or “reverend”– these words imply that you are studied, knowledgeable in your field, serious, practiced.  A title like that doesn’t just denote your chosen profession, it means that you have toiled to build that as a reputation for yourself, built it into your identity, even.  It is still now a very new word to my vocabulary…  For the last 10 years I’ve been with a man that uses it as easily and frequently as he uses the term “wife” in his description of me, and a lot of allowing it into my consciousness has been in the transition of at first resisting his use of it, to the slow acceptance of hearing it.  Is that silly?  Maybe.  But I’m trying.  I want to be able to call myself an artist.

I think blatantly copying someone else’s work is something that keeps you from being a true artist.  We get inspired, we can be encouraged by other’s beautiful ideas, but to sit down and frame-by-frame duplicate another painter’s brushstrokes are just an insult to your own talent, much less theirs.  (Yeah, yeah, I know there are perfectly talented people that make decent livings by creating elaborate and detailed forgeries of famous works, but that’s not really what I’m talking about here.)  I hadn’t really thought about the subject at all, really.  Then a couple of weeks ago, I read Patton Oswalt’s most recent blog post, and in it he talks about accidentally ripping off another comedian’s joke.– www.pattonoswalt.com/index.cfm?page=spew&id=167
(He’s brilliant, articulate, and of course, hilarious.  A very fantastic read, bee tea dubs.)  Basically the part of his post as it pertains to me comes down to the fact that early in his career he had *success* with another comedian’s joke, but doing so, even accidentally, made him a little ill inside.  It’s not the way you want to get there….  Ergo, duplicating Josh Agle’s “Beatnik Diary,” despite it looking exceptional in my den, cannot happen.  It would make me cringe every time I came into the room.  There, rant over.***

I guess I’m secretly hoping that some sort of means will come along before I formally tackle that room that will allow me to incorporate– Hell, not just incorporate, plain-old build!– the rest of the den around a piece of his work.  And I don’t want to choose other major colors or commit to anything without having it to work around.  So that’s a stall.

From a parenting perspective, there is always a push to have your kiddo’s room be done and perfect, but I actually did his office to allay some of the need for his room to be on the top of the list.  And in the meantime, he has plenty of space to play, its just not visually stimulating in there.  It’s actually kinda better that his bunk bed isn’t done and assembled, as the wee guy broke his arm above the elbow last week, and is now sporting a big, honking purple cast.  It would make his life difficult to be climbing up into bed or down to the floor on the regulars, so… yeah, no pressure in that room.

I could work on the kitchen, except all that it really needs is wallpapering.  But I refuse to have my first time wallpapering to be when I’m using my swank real-money wallpaper, so that means I have to do one or both of the remaining bathrooms first….

My Side Of the Bed

My Side Of the Bed

Soooo, the bathrooms?  I’m missing some key things I’m searching for in the main upstairs bath (when are they going to manufacture Phineas and Ferb fabrics, dagnabbit?!), and for the downstairs bath I’m collecting the plasco whoozits, and I don’t really feel that I’m done.  Although that might be a reasonable space to do next, considering all other options….

The playroom is nowhere near workable, its sort of hopeless right now, since it holds all the sewing and crafty projects (sometimes in literal piles) for the entire rest of the house.  So that’s a no.

Annnd, that leaves the master bedroom, the hallway, the dining room, and the foyer.  The foyer is mostly done, I think I need to convince the landlord to have the tall walls painted, as it is beyond my skill level.  The hallway would be easy, it just needs paint and a runner…. but right now its lined with Fox’s books, as I am painting his bookcase along with is bunk beds.  It will have to wait until that is done at least.

So, the master or the dining room, then, I guess?  Thanks for helping me work that out, ya’ll.  We’ll see which one gets chosen!


**Oh, and for those of you that made it through Patton’s fantastic post, the hubs and I are taking bets on who the joke theif was– I’m thinking his initials are D.C.**


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