Whoo-hoo, Birthday Goodies!

My people are good to me!  Monday was my Birthday (I’m ‘late 30s,’ that’s all you need to know), and I got some really sweet, thoughtful gifties!  The utterly adorable coin bank shown above was a gift from my awesome almost-six-year-old, that precious child.  I love it, it will go so great with the rest of my collection.  I don’t know if it comes across, but the base/ ‘cupcake liner’ is pale pink, and I’m pretty sure this is the first I have with a strawberry on it.  (Rumor has it that he got this at Home Goods, in the arena of ten bucks– what a deal, I love a smart kid!)  I have already placed it up on the counter, waiting amongst its pottery friends for its special place on a high shelf.

A Cupcake Plate (to fit with the theme) On My New Wallpaper

My husband got me the the FANTASTIC swanky wallpaper I wanted so so badly that I was obsessing (www.lovenestdesign.com/my-new-wallpaper-is-here-my-new-wallpaper-is-here/), and  while I’m sure I will not be tackling the hanging of it until after New Year’s, I am so excited about seeing it up.  I won’t tell you a third time why it so totally great, other than it is just so, so adorable.  LOVE.  IT.  (Good husband!)

He also got me a chromey new powerful microwave, which while not *exciting* in the “Oh, squee!” sense, is still very exciting when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of working up mealtime.  And I actually got to reheat my cold coffee on my Birthday, so that’s a win.  Hey, it’s the little things and life, and it has been *ages* since I’ve been able to do that!

My mother-in-law had another of her intuitive moments, and actually got me the cutest version possible of something I NEEDED–  potholders, oven mitts, and dish towels!  Its like she read my mind!  So perfect!  I think I will be implementing the ‘velcro thing,’ I did for my best friend Amber’s birthday this summer.  (Yes, I know, best friends named “Amber!”)  I had noticed at her place that she often had an enormous kilt pin in the middle of the dish towel always hanging on the oven door, to keep it from sliding off of the handle like it will so notoriously do over and over and over.  “This must bug her,” I thought to myself while drying my hands.  When her birthday arrived, it was the only thing I could really think of, so I bought her new dish towels and added a strip of velcro to each short end.  This way they loop around the handle and attach to themselves, neatly and easily, an there is no slippage.  She loved them!  And I mean LOVED them.  Which is good, there are people who would probably be peeved for getting dish towels for their birthday.  That Amber is not one of those people, and this Amber isn’t either!  I am so excited about the ones that my MIL gave to me, I am adding velcro to my ‘buy’ list so I can fancy-up my own towels similarly.  Yay!

Cupcake Dish Towels

And the potholders!  My old mitts were so bad they needed to be chucked, and I had just days ago had the argument with myself about whether or not they could have withheld another round in the washer and dryer.  Washing your stuffing away could end in burns, and that’s no good!  So– that’s how bad they were.  Really, really bad.  Going in the trash ASAP, bad.  And not just cupcakes!  I adore how these new ones have a background of aqua with white dots, that could not get better.  (Both of the potholders are identical, I flipped one for the photo to show you the backside pattern.)

The Oven Mitt and Potholders

Pretty awesome, right?  Man, do these people know me!  So many delightful contributions to the candy kitchen!

My mother-in-law also got me this tiny little bedazzled flashlight that is so, so handy!  It is shiny pink metal, rhinestones, and usefulness all rolled into one…  Already I have used it for finding the front door lock in the dark; annoying my cats; and for highlighting the number ‘5’ made of cabbage happening in my salad, so that I could take a picture.  (It was amazing ya’ll, as clear as day– the number five.  You’d take a picture right?)  Anyway, it is the Nebo Lumiere, and its just slightly larger than a tube of lipstick.  The scallopy end is the one that emits the light, and the button to turn it on is on the opposite side.  Way great.

Tiny Diva Flashlight

In the ‘completely unexpected’ category, I received a card actually handwritten and addressed by my Dad (a real WOW in these parts!), and even more interesting a really beautiful gift from his lifelong best friend, the man that introduced my parents to one another.  I guess you could call him a godfather or the like, he has been around literally my whole life.  He pulled an insanely thoughtful moment and sent me this gorgeous coffee table book about Barbie!  How is it he got one of the few that I didn’t already have?!  BarbieAll Dolled Up is a large, glossy volume, and its extra cool because it has envelopes and flaps and things with repro paperwork from Barbie history in them…  stuff like the little fashion catalogs and what the first Barbie club membership card looked like.  I haven’t had the chance to actually *read* much of it, but the flip-throughs show me it’s a knowledgeable and promising read.  I can’t wait!

Barbie “All Dolled Up”

Last– but not at all least– is the fantastic mid-century modern table my mother got for me.  It is soooo cool!  It’s a coffee table, blonde-colored, and vaguely… kidney-shaped?  Its not a boomerang, but it has that SO fifties amoeba-like somethin’ somethin’ going on, all low and irregular and so dern cool.  Its now like the beatnik of my living room.  The legs and edging of the table are bent bamboo, very perfect if I were going for tiki, but still absolutely deeevine because of my oddball exotic thing I have happening in there.  It still plays in very well with all of the Asian touches I’m bringing in.  The top isn’t wood, its actually formica.  My mom makes a bit of a face when you say, ‘formica,’ but frankly, I adore the stuff.  Retro chrome tables, end tables with a stair-step design, everything I have with it on it is STILL– fifty plus years later– looking fabulous and desirable.  What more could you ask for than that?  Maybe for it to be cute?  Oh yeah, the designs in formica back then were awesome, so that’s covered.  Frankly, I LOVE knowing that this coffee table will never ever be ruined by someone at one of my parties putting their sweaty glass down.  Its freeing a little.   Isn’t this table awesome?  I assure you that I will be coordinating all following living room furniture purchases with it!

My Kidney-Shaped Coffee Table

My sister sent me this awesome olive green canvas bag with the funky fox print.  She also sent me a matching little wristlet wallet from the same fabric, I am in heaven!  I very much have the habit of grabbing my wallet from out of a cavernous bag in order to ‘run in’ to a shop, so having a cute little wristlet will be life-changing!  I suspect I will en up having my ‘big purse’ and my ‘little purse.’  I’m cool with that!  This bag is great on the inside too, purple dots, pockets for cellphones, zippered pockets.  I’ve already started carrying it and the wide strap makes it perfect for wearing cross-body, very comfortable.  Love those magnetic snaps, too.

My Fox Bag with the Dotty Lining

So, yeah, I made out like a banshee!  I am so thrilled!  It’s not just the gifts, but also the effort that all of these people made to pick out things that I so evidently would love.  That shows me that they just might love me a little, and that’s all I really want, for all of these awesome folks to keep on doing that.  Family and friends are the best gifts, aren’t they?

And with that note, I am going to leave you pondering a numerical leaf, which appeared so evidently in my delicious salad.  (Puleo’s “Spa Salad” with Orange Vinaigrette, so so delish!)  If it hadn’t been my Birthday, I would have found it less ominous, but that’s gotta mean something, right?  What would YOU take it to mean….?

“This is Red 5, I’m going in.”


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