Workin’ On the ‘Throoms (Downstairs Bath Before Pics)

Yeah, I’ve been working on the ‘throoms.  No, that is not slang for psychedelic mushrooms, don’t be silly.  I used to work with a guy that referred to the bathroom as the “throom.”  As in, “I’m headin’ to the ‘throom for a few.”  He made it sound cute.  I dunno, it’s just one of those things, I’ve picked it up.

(Keep in mind that many of these before pics were taken before we moved in/ cleaned anything, and the place looks abysmal.  And the shots aren’t great.  But they give you the point of the befores, and well, that’s the point.)

So Funky, I Barely Want To Show You-- Downstairs Bath Before

So Funky, I Barely Want To Show You– Downstairs Bath Before

I’ve been kind of on a bathroom-doin’ bender lately, which is odd, there is no driving force making me get the bathrooms decorated in this house first or anything.  I think part of it is that they are small and that makes them *seem* easier, in that they need less paint and require less sewing tasks and the like…  but really that’s not it.  Really it’s that we paid a small fortune for gorgeous European non-pasted wallpaper for the kitchen;  well, maybe not a fortune by ‘real world’ standards, but a heckuva lot more than the dollar a roll that I’ve spent for the other wallpapers at Knox Rail Salvage.  And before I’m willing to start cutting it and slapping forty dollar paste on my precious-wecious sweetie-weetie cutsie-schmootsie good kitchen paper, I’m going to feel like I know what the Heloise I’m doing.  So I’m practicing on the two other rooms that need wallpaper– the remaining undecorated bathrooms.

Both of these bathrooms had the most terrible dingy, curling paper, so I’d started peeling the vinyl top layer long ago.  I’d done every part of it that I could reach.  In the last post I mentioned how last week I completely stripped the paper in the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen, getting them ready.  The downstairs bathroom has progressed even further– I have now officially completed my first wallpapering job!

The Bathtub, Reflected In the Yuck Mirror, Before

The Bathtub, Reflected In the Yuck Mirror, Before

The paper I used down there was one of the patterns that I’d scored at the local awesomesauce salvage place, and the truth is I would have loved it even if it hadn’t been only a buck a roll.  Have you guys priced wallpaper lately?  Can I get a what-what for cute paper at a buck a roll?!  Yeah, this lavender check on crisp white is absolutely adorable in my opinion.  I’m an absolute freak for gingham, I have been for at least the last two decades– I remember making gingham throw pillows with ball fringe to take to my dorm room the Summer before I went off to college.  (Ahem, twenty years ago.)  So, I’m a fan.  I just love the simplicity of the fabric, there is a homespun, motherly quality about it.  (I get this thought from vintage aprons, maybe?)

And as some sort of super-0dd quirk, this paper is a dead match to the Benjamin Moore crocus petal purple wall paint that we used in our bedroom.  I know, you’re thinking, no biggie, Amber, you matched a paint chip to a wallpaper, it’s not hard!  But no– I bought this wallpaper after I’d already painted the bedroom.  And since I promised the landlord that I wouldn’t paper any wall that didn’t already have wallpaper to begin with, there was a wall in this bath that would need painting.  And by some sort of fantastic miracle, I had just enough paint left from the bedroom to properly cover that wall.  Yay!  So, um, total for completely transforming the downstairs bath walls into a gingham, grapey-pastel purple dream?  One dollar, thank you.

Right before Fox went back to school, my mom came for a week, and she gave me the confidence to tackle papering the walls in there.  She would essentially paste the paper and hand it to me, and rinse and wring my rags while I was up on the ladder, with me doing all of the actual hanging, matching of the paper, and trimming, much to my delight.  She’s an old pro at wallpaper, we had it everywhere in our house growing up, but I wanted to be sure I could do it myself when it came to the actual nitty-gritty of the task.  I *just may* take on the challenge of papering the upstairs bath all by myself, I’m still not sure that’s the best idea ever, but if there is any place in the house where I could do the job alone, it would be in there.  What are my other options?  Wait until Mom comes into town again?  Yeah, not likely.  Soooo….

Laundry Room To Bathroom

Laundry Room To Bathroom

Pretty icky, right?  *Anything* I do should be an improvement, it was THAT bad!

Anyway, that little downstairs bath has turned out *great,* it’s a very whimsical little surprise back there.   After you tiptoe your way through the laundry room and flip on the light to that cramped little bath, you don’t expect to find anything but dingy and dark, and instead it’s perky.  Purpley and kitschy, but in a way that’s fresh and fun and needed in a little basement bath with no natural light.  It’s like, *thisclose* to done, I can positively taste the finish.  I have a few little teeny details to finish up, but I will be showing the whole room to you extremely soon!  And if the upstairs bath goes as quickly and easily as this one, I’ll be sharing it in no time, too!

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  1. So unfair! I was expecting at least a peek at the violet gingham! :) Great description, and I remember that downstairs bathroom.

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