Yayyyy! We Have a Winner!

Alice In Funderland Giveaway Goodies

Alice In Funderland Giveaway Goodies

Our little Alice in Funderland Tin O’Goodness Giveaway has finally come to a halt, and we have selected a winner!  I have a little recording for you to show the drawing, starring my handsome assistant, the fantastic Mr Fox.  But first, an apology…

Firstly, I’m sorry I’m running so late.  We did the drawing and then I got busy, and (I hate to admit it) forgot about it.  Oops.  Secondly, I rarely use the record/video function on my camera, and when I do, I tend to forget and go to my default favorite, which is a vertical picture.  (Humans are vertically shaped, I tend to turn my camera on autopilot at this point.)  I forget that I cannot rotate video!  I’m a dork.  And since our recording was organic and real, I didn’t want to ‘correct’ it by re-shooting the thing and picking a different winner or somehow trying to fake it so that the same winner came up again.  Speaking of our winner, does anyone want to know who it is?!  Yeah.  That’d be good, right?!

So yaaaaaay, Virgina Howell, come on down!  Or just send me your address!  Or something!  I’ll pop this good stuff in the mail for you!  Congrats!  The rest of ya’ll play again next time, okay?


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  1. Yay! I won! I won! I never win! :) I’ll send you my address asap!

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